Benedikt Reiser

I am a tech enthusiast and self-taught full-stack web developer 👨‍💻.
Currently focussing on: Virtual Reality, DevOps, Single-Page Applications and Microservices.

CTO @Innoactive.

My journey started with self-taught web deployment back in the days when plain old functional php was still a thing and HTML5 and CSS3 were about to be published. From there on, I oscillated between building backend services with monolithic and microservice architectures as well as fully-fledged single-page apps using whatever fancy Javascript Framework was best for the job.

Over the last years, I’ve focussed on building Virtual Reality applications and ecosystems for VR content creation as well as DevOps topics like containerization, automation engines

Beyond tech, I build up teams of world-class engineers and push for agile working methodologies.

I can adapt to any situation and leverage whatever proves to be worthy to solve problems, no matter the language, business environment, or tech stack. I am thriving to ever expand my areas of expertise and am embracing new challenges as opportunities.

I use this blog to document my journey, ideas, learnings and to help others that are on a similar journey.

Off the job, I am a proud father and love e-sports.

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